• 14

    Average number of virtual events or webcasts that have been watched since March 1st 2020

  • 04

    Average number of virtual events or webcasts that have been watched per week

How much time are we willing to dedicate to a virtual event or webcast?

The true value is in authentic and purposeful content to spend time on and avoid the ‘sales pitch’.

The content people are most likely to dedicate their time to

Learning and listening to inspirational content is the focus in these challenging times, and why not? We are all in need of positive inspiration and education.

My favourite part of virtual events and webcasts is being in the comfort of my own home. If it sucks, I can escape easily!

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Live or on-demand?

Ah! That old 2020 chestnut! Which is better? Logistically on-demand content is always a great solution for a premium finish and will provide longevity for new audiences over time. Whereas, live content feels exclusive and provides a higher rate of attendance for that hour. But is one better than the other?

The types of media that people prefer to consume

We consume information in many different shapes and forms and even more in isolation. Ironically passive engagement is at the top!

  • 33%



  • 22%

    Interactive content

    Facebook Live,
    Instagram Live

  • 19%



  • 25%


    Website articles,
    Online Ads, Email

  • 1%


Most popular time of day to consume online content

Your event could provide inspiration for the day!

Feedback on virtual events
and webcasts

My least favourite part of virtual events and webcasts is the inability to cut through the noise to find people to network with. An understanding of affinity groups and common history or connections via LinkedIn would be helpful.

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