Unscripted Episode 4: Play at Work

19th May 2022 | Written by Andrew Everingham |30 Minutes Watch

Since the very beginning of CAPITAL-e, I have consistently maintained that "if it's not fun, we are not doing it right." I try to live to that belief and that approach to everything I do in every manner possible. One of my mentors in this journey has been the amazing Julie Trell

Through our work together at Salesforce where Julie was a Salesforce Foundation leader, through her time as CEO of Telstra incubator Muru-D, to her current role at Indigital, she has continually reminded me of how play and fun are not only possible in the workplace, they are downright essential. 

I had the opportunity to catch up with her for a chat about all things fun and meaningful in our latest edition of Unscripted. I hope you enjoy it. It's fun… and a little playful.

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Article written by Andrew Everingham, Managing Director