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The B2B Buzz: May 2022

19th May 2022 | Written by Rajhev Rajkumar |1 Minute Read

Why do so many incompetent men become leaders?


"Instead of falling for people who are confident, narcissistic and charismatic, we should promote people into leadership because of their competence, integrity and humility."

Do we really need to be reminded of that? While it seems like common sense, it’s clearly not sense that’s commonly used. Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic isn’t just an international authority in psychological profiling, talent management, leadership development, and people analytics. He’s also funny and very, very good at making his point in a compelling manner without being offensive. 

Share this TEDx talk with your boss. It will hopefully make him (gender use intended) reconsider who he promotes. 

B2B in the metaverse


Pfft. You’re busy worrying about a healthy pipeline and MQLs, and whether you should be doing ABM, ABE or ABX. 

Well, add this one to your list. What are your plans to stake your claim in the metaverse? Virtually, of course. (What’s the metaverse, I hear you ask? Check out Wired for a primer).

This piece in The Drum argues that core pillars of B2B marketing, like trade shows, client meetings, customer service and advertisements, each now have the potential to be radically altered by the metaverse. 

You may argue that your target businesses aren’t there yet. In the metaverse, that is. But the article makes the excellent point that your target humans may be: 

“There is a real opportunity for B2B marketers to reach certain segments and personality types. For example, data scientists, blockchain developers, security and risk officers audiences that are very hard to reach traditionally but feel comfortable in a virtual reality environment.”

How many “NOs” does it take for you to quit?


Last week’s closing keynote at the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum in Sydney featured the amazing Ronni Kahn from OzHarvest. ICYMI, she’s amazing so give her some of your spare change.

She spoke about getting to where she is by not taking no for an answer. We all appreciate that persistence and grit are two qualities that can see us achieve great things. So how persistent and tenacious are you? How many “nos” does it take before you quit on something you’re pursuing? 

There are books, articles and papers galore that will unpack these traits and tell you how to develop them and how important they are in achieving success. Google away. 

Somehow this TikTok on Rejection Therapy and building a thick skin by deliberately putting yourself in situations where the answer is no resonated more with me than anything I’ve read on the matter before. Take a look. Take the challenge. What will you ask for next?

Rajhev Rajkumar

Article written by Rajhev Rajkumar, Director, Strategic Assets