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The B2B Buzz: June Edition 2022

30th June 2022 | Written by Rajhev Rajkumar |2 Minute Read


Seeing with your tongue. And other crazy ways to expand your umwelt.

Our senses limit our reality. A bloodsucking tick senses through heat and body odour because it can’t see or hear. An echo-locating bat senses through air compression waves. Humans develop their objective reality through their biological senses. 

In this fascinating TED talk neuroscientist David Eagleman explains why and how he is creating new interfaces to take in information about the world around us. 

It’s well worth the watch. Or you can check out the 2-minute TikTok where he demonstrates a device that will allow deaf people to hear by feeling vibratory sensation. 

And you thought it was difficult enough finding great business copywriters. Just wait until you’re writing a job description for a kinaesthetic producer to compose whitepapers using vibratory patterns and signals!


An agile-at-scale transformation case study from “the company that doesn’t make lifts” 

I’ve met two senior marketers from Schneider Electric recently who both introduced their company as “the company that doesn’t make lifts”. That’s Schindler lifts, of course. But Schneider obviously gets confused with Schindler often enough to see the funny side and make it part of their story, which is pretty cool. 

But that’s another story. This one is about how Schneider kicked off an agile transformation at scale and delivered amazing business results through the program; including growth in revenue from 5 percent to 10 percent. Employee engagement increased by 8 percent. 

There are some great takeaways for business leaders who may be considering something similar for their organisation. The only disappointment? It was Schneider and not Schindler, so I can’t use all my lift-related puns about things going up.


Reading is good for your business.

I’m not saying business folk who read are better at their jobs than those that don’t. But I get the points that this article makes about some of the benefits of reading. It can help create a shared lexicon for your team. It can foster a growth mindset. And it can inspire us to reach higher. 

Do you agree?

Rajhev Rajkumar

Article written by Rajhev Rajkumar, Director, Strategic Assets