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Nothing says "I love you" quite like a DM

28th October 2021 | Written by Rajhev Rajkumar |2.5 Min Read

Ok, ok. Let’s all take a breath. Yes, this is a B2B marketing article. And we are going to talk about a particular way you can make your customers feel ‘loved’. We call them ‘Customer Love’ campaigns. They’ve been a staple at our agency for years. These campaigns usually mean sending customers a gift pack to say hi or thank you.

Sometimes we do them because they’re tied to an event like Christmas or maybe they’re just because. We may do it to check in on our customers' well being (for example during recent lockdowns because of COVID-19), or maybe because we’ve found a fabulous chocolatier and want to share it. Or it could be because we think it’s just nice to show our appreciation every now and then to customers who have trusted us to represent and grow their brands over the years! 

We really enjoy running Customer Love campaigns, and our customers appreciate receiving their gift. And while it’s genuinely not the intention, these campaigns inevitably seem to result in more job requests from our clients. 

In recent years, an increasing number of our clients have started to run their own Customer Love campaigns. We’ve been pleased to see them put this into practice and reap the rewards after learning from our approach. The fact that they run these campaigns regularly, tells us that the campaigns are serving their purpose. The amazing feedback they receive from their customers is also very reassuring.

CAVEAT: If your product and service isn’t up to scratch, don’t expect customers to be swayed by a gift pack. Just like saying “I love you” feels empty when fundamental aspects of a relationship are missing, giving your customer something when your solution is causing them pain, rather than profit, is meaningless. 

Do it because you’re grateful

Ever received a gift that came with strings attached? Or the expectation of reciprocity? Kinda sucks doesn’t it? It just loses its shine and feels like currency to buy your favour. I feel bilious just thinking about the times that has happened to me. We can all sense when something feels more like a bribe than a genuine thank you.

So our number one tip around running a Customer Love campaign is to do it because you genuinely want to show appreciation. Don’t immediately follow it up with a renewal contract. Nor a meeting request to ‘explore’ (aka pitch) your other products and solutions. And don’t request a testimonial. In short, don’t ask for anything. 

Just say thank you. That’s not to say you should shy away from an inbound enquiry. If the gift serves to remind a customer to get in touch with you, that’s great! If it leads to new business, it’s a winner. And by no means does sending a customer a gift imply that you shouldn’t get in contact with them ever again to cross-sell, up-sell or renew. Just use common sense to give the recipient the time and space to feel that gift was an authentic, sincere, honest-to-goodness acknowledgement of the value you place on their support. 

You’ll be surprised—if not astounded—by the goodwill Customer Love campaigns generate for your team and your brand. 

And if you’re stuck for gift ideas, yell out. We have plenty! 

We’d be delighted to help. Email askus@capital-e.com.au to set up a call today. 

Rajhev Rajkumar

Article written by Rajhev Rajkumar, Director, Strategic Assets