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Communicating in the digital age

23rd September 2021 | Written by Brendan Day |1.5 Minute Read

“Not another Zoom meeting!” Yes, we've all been there. But let's face it, digital meetings are here to stay - in some shape or form anyhow. That’s why we decided to have a chat (whilst having a haircut, we’re not joking) with leadership communication advisor and pitch consultant, Michael Kelly and get some tips from him.

In the below videos Michael joined CAPITAL-e’s Director of Events and Experiential, Brendan Day for this two-part episode. It is all about refining our communication skills, particularly in a virtual business environment. 

Find out why he believes the spoken word - wisely chosen and well delivered - absolutely trumps a glossy brochure.


Article written by Brendan Day, Director, Events and Experiential