John Cassimatis Eye View

People tend to assume that I’m staring into space, but the truth is I’m really thinking hard about something. My favourite part of my job is all of it (no really), but if I could switch lives with anyone for 24 hours, I’d swap with a nature photographer and do nothing but explore and take photos all day long. And I’ll tell you something else: I go out of my loving mind for road trips.

I’m part of a team who like to lunch – a lot! Without fail, I always suggest we eat breakfast because you can eat it anytime.  

I live in NSW, which means I’m at odds with everyone around me all the time (being a devoted QLD NRL fan). I’m usually listening to loud music or daydreaming about my next trip away. Any peanut butter is better than none.

Any chance I get, I go to my backyard, the most relaxing backyard in the world. Time to sign off. My parting advice is this: remember that a really great attitude can do more for you than anything else.

John is CAPITAL-e’s Head of Creative. His role is to bring to life the creative ideas in our campaigns to get the best result for our customers.

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