Cara Hamann Desk Eye View

People tend to assume that I’m always organised, but the truth is I’m really more fly by the seat of my pants.

My favourite part of my job is that we get to make the rules, but if I could switch lives with anyone for 24 hours, I’d swap with Jeff Probst and do nothing but play the game of Survivor all day long. And I’ll tell you something else: I go out of my loving mind for rainy days.

I’m part of a team who like to lunch – a lot! Without fail, I always suggest we eat “somewhere healthy” because it’s a weekday.  

I live in Bondi Beach, which means I’m at outside all the time. I’m usually listening to Tim Ferriss podcasts or daydreaming about looking at screens less.  

A jar half full of peanut butter is better than a jar half empty. Any chance I get, I go to the Everingham house, the most ridiculous dinner parties in the world.

Time to sign off. My parting advice is this: remember that a really great instinct can do more for you than over-thinking everything.

Cara is the General Manager of CAPITAL-e, and also the chief problem solver for our customers. They trust her to navigate the unexpected while keeping event budgets and experiences on track. They also trust that no matter how great the feedback from last years’ event, the next one will be better.

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